Coming from a rural town on
Prince Edward Island, Canada’s
smallest province…

We understand the importance of community independence. That’s why we’ve focused on creating a solution for small, remote arctic areas to produce and manage their own sustainable power source.


We understand your landscape
and how to work with it.

Including the unique obstacles. More than what our technology is, is what it will do for your community. Unlimited power means unlimited possibilities

You constantly experience the adversities of using diesel generators as a power source

They’re not only highly expensive, the black carbon produced has severe health and environmental effects. We know this is on your mind, so we bring a solution that will displace diesel fuel consumption resulting in a healthier community – physically, environmentally and financially.

Your community
deserves our technology.

By providing innovative wind turbines we give rural arctic communities the capability and confidence to produce their own power with wind energy. This brings new jobs and the ultimate freedom to community members; sustainability, self-sufficiency and financial freedom are all gained when reliance on diesel generators is eliminated.